SH3 – Yvonne

The non-conformist. The one who deferred her national service job just because it didn’t fit. Who does that? Someone with a keen sense of who she is and what she wants. Unwilling to compromise even in the face of clear resistance to go the way she chooses to. She has always stood her ground. Always looked to redefine. Pushing boundaries with skill and determination. She promises to do same with her clothing line. Or is it Millinery, which she has fallen in love with since joining Afra K fashion school. She admits she has gotten more than she bargained for, having come in expecting to be trained only in garment construction, but graduating with knowledge in illustration, entrepreneurship, marketing and much more.

Her journey with fashion began at home where she is milled in with her extended family of uncles, aunties and several cousins of varying tribal names but similar identity. She was the go-to-person for décor at home. She would switch it up with one thing in mind. To make visitors comfortable once they walked through the doors. To make them welcomed and wish to stay longer. With such a big family you can expect that there have been many visitors. To have the mind set of making these people all feel welcomed betrays a certain quality. The quality of universal admiration, without looking common. And that is what you will get picking her as your designer. A style that stands you out as unique and a marvel, but still commands admiration from all who fix their eyes on you. For they will indeed fix their eyes on you. Are you looking to stand out and yet not look ridiculous? Are you looking for a designer who understands your need to be different? Are you looking for a warm place to go and be heard and finally have someone understand your peculiar tastes and preferences? Then Afra K Fashion School offers you Sh3.

This brand name is a play on the twi word Sh3. Which at first instance translates as “wear”. But a careful and deeper thought reveals that it’s the same word used in saying ‘giving honour/glory’. The dresses and accessories made are designed to bring glory and honour to the patrons while remembering to honour those who made it possible for the designer to have come thus far. All the greats of the artistry world were non-conformist who gave the world sometime that out lived their own designs and art. We expect nothing less of Sh3.

Far – Rhoda

The most striking thing about this young lady is her motherly nature. A completely in-charge person who remains grounded. She will take care of all your fashion needs. She clearly knows what she is about, especially having sacrificed her regular job to learn fashion. After obtaining a degree Integrated development, she had fulfilled the long held dream of the family for her to gain a formal education at the highest pinnacle. But her love for fashion which had begun as a child had not died out. She grew up as the daughter of a mother who was a seamstress. She would regularly go to her shop in hopes of learning how to sew herself. Her mother thinking a formal education was a safer and better option would constantly have her on errands rather than learn the trade. That was her bid to put out that flicker of fashion flame. In school, and this primary school, she would end up drawing designs. This caused most of her mates in class to declare they knew what she was going to be in future.

Well, that future took quite the while to get here, but it has finally arrived. And its to stay. Her own life’s journey caused her to name her brand “FAR”. She understands clearly the limitations finances can have on a person’s desires and wishes. So she will understand and cooperate with you in getting the best quality for the price you can afford. Quality isn’t cheap, but quality can be expressed in ways that everybody can appreciate. She makes clothes that make you want to work hard to be able to afford. Clothes that make your wardrobe look better after they have been added than before they were added. Clothes that compliment your greatest assets and bring out the elegance you need to put forward.

Hand picked by Mrs Mensah, the founder of Afra K fashion school, to become the SRC president, she has come a long way from her early days as the daughter of a watch repairer. Her family has had its own journey, marked by continuous replanting of the family in a new location. The similarity is in that they began in Laterbiokorshie and steadily moved till where they live now in SCC Kasoa through Odorkor, Aworshie and others. Its from Kasoa she comes to East Legon each day to Afra K fashion school. Despite the stress involved in doing this she still maintains it is totally worth it. She thoroughly search through various options of fashion schools available and more convenient due to proximity but still chose Afra K Fashion school, because she saw the difference in the multiple facets of training available.

Even during the difficult times in university where she alongside her best friend made beads for sale to supplement her upkeep, they made every effort to continually donate some of those proceeds to the Jirapa Orphanage. Clearly a soul that understands giving. And she will give of her best in making your clothes and accessories. It has been quite a journey getting thus ‘FAR’ but its about only getting started for the patrons if her clothing line. We are certain she will give and give and give the truest of her ability each day and stitch to extend the potentials of the Ghana fashion enclave.

All these qualities are quite evident in her dress making. The kind of clothes that shows one off as a proud mother would. The kind that cares for you. The right colours to compliment your skin tone. Bold and ever engaging.

Smile – Obedia

Smile because breathe in you means another chance to try. Another chance to succeed. Another chance to triumph. This coming from a lady who has had to work to be able to see herself through Afra K Fashion School. She is a waitress at Enda, at the food court of the Accra Mall. She may be a waitress now but our gut feeling tells us that the same determination that has seen her come from being too scared to ask for permission to attend school for three years, to actually getting into the school, will see her through. She is now pursuing her heart’s desire and dream and feels its now an obligation for her to transfer her constant smile to others through clothes. She can and believes she must get her clients and patrons to smile.

From La Presby Secondary school to the Halls Afra K fashion school. The journey hasn’t been easy. But she has remained determined and focused. She smiles easily. Maybe that is her coping mechanism for all that is going on in her life. Maybe that is how she is able to stay sane while closing from school at 3pm only to get back to work till end of the day at the food court. It cannot possibly be easy to pull this off. But she is doing it with a smile. She is refusing to be bogged down anymore. She is rising. Like a phoenix from the ash of her torments and pain. Emerging from the strings of attempts looking to hold her back. She must spring free and soar, to bring you a smile in every cloth she makes. So every design is based on happy thoughts.

If you are looking for a dress that tells others exactly how happy you are, then Smile is the one you should be looking to book an appointment with. Her years of experience at being a waitress means she knows how to handle clients and every annoying habit of theirs. So walk into her premises with all your flaws and quirks. Fear not, your will be in very good hands. Hands that understand that your clothes have been bought from the earnings of your toil. She will never take it for granted that she has set herself to get you to smile.

The next time you are at Enda, remember that lady waiting on your table may be the same one you will be chasing for those clothes that make you smile, in the very near future.

Smiles trademark lies in the feel-happy clothes for men and women she makes. Its all about being happy. Its all about being excited and having fun. If you are thinking of having fun, then the right clothes for that would be gotten from Smile.

Aisle Walk – Lydia

Her journey of fashion may be recent but her joy for brides on their special day has long been around. From when in senior high school she would make every effort not to miss a wedding purely for the joy of watching another bride walk down the aisle. Its not strange then that her brand name would be ‘Aisle walk’. Talking to her for just a few minutes reveals her to be someone who cares about the opinion of others and their sensitivity. This character trait will certainly come in handy when she begins to deal with brides. Brides panic and seek perfection for their day. She is glad to serve and lives for that moment when the face of the bride is lit up like a clear night sky full of stars. If you are a bride and you cleverly choose to have Aisle walk to handle your costume for your special day, then you would have engaged more than a fashion designer. You would have engaged a listening ear, a compassionate heart and skilled hands to craft for you to the exact stitch what would gladden your heart.

Having spent her life as a daughter of a pastor, we are certain she has seen and been to her fair share of weddings. She must have interacted with happy and disappointed brides. She should have a very good knowledge of what brides generally expect. Enough to know each bride is different and requires unique attention, just as she is.

She spent four years studying IT, gaining a Bsc, just in order to ensure she could manage her own IT affairs. She always had a plan for her true passion, fashion. We can only imagine where she would take fashion for bridal parties with her IT background. We suspect she is keeping a secret. Playing it close to her chest. Waiting patiently, as her nature is, to explode on us. Showering us with new nuggets and inventions, employing IT in expanding the borders of the fashion for brides market. Aisle Walk, take us away.

Her work doesn’t just cover the bride, though it extends to the entire bridal party, parents of the bride, ushers and protocol staff. Why not get all these from one source to cut down cost and better the chances of uniformity.

Sun Albee – Kabuki

Sun Albee by Kabuki is a steady calm stream of assured potential stirred by a mother with a great sense of fashion. Growing up in a family with separated parents, Kabuki lives with her mother, Uncle, and three siblings in Tema community two. This young burgeoning talent who is described by her own mates as the one with the most potential, finds her inspiration from the sun. No wonder her own internal brightness is seen clearly by her mates. She channels this highest and brightest of inspiration into her designs and illustration which she self declares to enjoy and be good at. Her style oozes originality which is exemplified in the second part of her name, Albee, which she self-constructed. She isn’t looking to get into fashion for just her own sake but also to create jobs for others. Like the sun, she hopes to shine brightly across the firmaments of the Ghanaian fashion world.

To make this dream a reality, she has endured the long and difficult task of daily commute from Tema to East Legon for months. Having realised the intense nature of studies at Afra K Fashion Design, she has moved to live with a cousin in Madina. All in a bid to give it her all as she has got to go after her dream. And she is giving it all. The strain on her face daily, the blood shot eyes, the drain arched in the corners of her lips and stress etched on her finger tips, are all evidence of her continued sacrifice for what she hopes to achieve and the sheer determination propelling her.

Its been said that good things come in small packages, but though her physique may be small, her total package is very impressive in its enormousness. Far from the being the finished article, she is currently relying heavily on her lecturers for continued guidance with establishing her brand. She has already began to alert the world of her impending takeover of the fashion landscape by announcing her coming of age. She asking social media and would be clients to watch the space she has started to create on social media using the tagline of ‘Sun Albee: hustle beautifully’. She clearly has enjoyed the choice of fashion school and the skill set she has learnt in her time with Afra K fashion School. The sun of this badge of students is to be Kabuki, so we shall have our eyes follow her journey from these here East legon classrooms to where ever she chooses to establish her beautiful hustle.