“Afra K Graduate Show” at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra): “Nifos” By Benjamin Fosu

Ancient Gods themed collections from Afra K Fashion School’s graduate, Benjamin Fosu of the “Nifos” fashion marque stunned the ramp at the Graduate Show of the 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, held in Accra, Ghana – Movenpick Ambassador Hotel to be exact.

The fashion assortments of Nifos exploitedon spur of ancient deities of Egypt; the goddesses of love, health and protection.

See collections as pictured below.


“Afra K Graduate Show” at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra): “Eslyne” By Benedicta Apenu

Emerging Ghanaian designer and graduate of Afra K Fashion School, Benedicta Apenuof the fabulous fashion tag “Eslyne” at the MBFWAccra 2018 left a remarkable colophon during the Graduate Show as hosted by Global Ovations at the plush MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

The showcase of Eslyne revealed a “Gothic” themed collection; truly enthused by the soft yet dangerous nature of the red rose with attractive petals but prickly thorn.

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Check the collection as exhibited on the ramp at MBFWAccra 2018 below.

“Afra K Graduate Show” at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra): “Akarey” By Martina Akarey

Martina Akarey, a graduate of Afra K Fashion School at the 2018 Graduate Show of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Accra rendered the ramp and audience with Wild Eyes inspired collections; off the Akarey fashion label, the collection echoed “Superhero” as its theme.

Martina’s inspiration was the wonder woman of the Amazons; her dragon-like fierce and her wild eyes in times of battle. The fire dragon on the side have fueled the inspiration of the collection, seen at the 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and held at the MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

See collections below.

“Afra K Graduate Show” 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra): “Evore” By Pamela Makafui Amevor

Let’s take a wild look at the fabulous collection from evolving Ghanaian fashion labelEvore by Pamela Makafui Amevor, a graduate of Afra K Fashion School as showcased during the Graduate show at the 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Accra, hosted by the Global Ovations with supports from the MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel.

The smoldering “Gods” themed collection of Evore as designed by the above mentioned alumni of Ghana’s prestigious Afra K Fashion School dazzled the ramp of the MBFWAccra2018 with enormous theatrical inspiration from the Athena also referred to as theAthene, the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategy, the arts, crafts and skill.

Check the Evore collections by Pamela Makafui Amevor at the 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Accra below.

“Afra K Graduate Show” at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra): “Kylie Amaris” by Louisa Akua Dufie

Just ended 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Accra, hosted by the Global Ovations in Ghana had the country’s premium and most well-known fashion faculty, the Afra K Fashion School leaving an ineradicable mark on the ramp at the point of the Graduate Show at the biggest fashion event mentioned above, exclusively held at the ballroom of MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Five graduates from Afra K Fashion School took to the runway to unearth outstanding collections, improvised individually with “Vestis Nuptialis” which translates “The Wedding Garments” as the overall theme for the graduate show at the 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Afra K Graduate & emerging fashion marqueKylie Amaris” headlined by Louisa Akua Dufie stunned the runway with an Army themed collection, inspired by pursuit of selflessness.

These collections place the welfare of the army, citizens and the nation before them.

Below rests the collection as seen and showcased at the Mercedes BenzFashion Week 2018; anchored by Global Ovations in Accra, Ghana.

Head Bureaucrat of Afra K Fashion School, Lesley Aidoo Mensah to Guest Speak at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Seminar

As we gear up for the annual 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week festival to ensue in two days, from the 28-29 of July at plush MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Ghana as anchored by Global Ovations; an instructive fashion seminar, themed “Fashion Beyond Borders” has officially been scheduled for the Grand Opening of the mentioned fashion week & festival on Saturday, July 28 from the strict hours of 10am – 12noon.

Mrs. Lesley Afra Aidoo Mensah, rector & CEO of Ghana’s distinguished ‘Afra K Fashion School’ has accordingly been billed as a distinctive guest speaker at the Seminar of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Accra) on the said subject “Fashion beyond Borders”. As a fashion & style expert, Mrs. Lesley Aidoo Mensah shall shine the spotlights on the critical relevance of what fashion as a trade accommodates.

She will on the verge at the seminar as well graduate fashion to a different level of understanding of what it is beyond just the “Threads”.

The CEO & rector of the eminent Afra K Fashion School will also be joined by other elite speakers at the Seminar at the MÖvenpick Ambassador Hotel, come this Saturday, 28 July.

Entrance is Free – Doors for the seminar open at 10am prompt

Below is the complete list of speakers as revealed by organizers of the event.

Afra K Fashion School SRC To Launch Yaba – April 22, 2017

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