SH3 – Yvonne

The non-conformist. The one who deferred her national service job just because it didn’t fit. Who does that? Someone with a keen sense of who she is and what she wants. Unwilling to compromise even in the face of clear resistance to go the way she chooses to. She has always stood her ground. Always looked to redefine. Pushing boundaries with skill and determination. She promises to do same with her clothing line. Or is it Millinery, which she has fallen in love with since joining Afra K fashion school. She admits she has gotten more than she bargained for, having come in expecting to be trained only in garment construction, but graduating with knowledge in illustration, entrepreneurship, marketing and much more.

Her journey with fashion began at home where she is milled in with her extended family of uncles, aunties and several cousins of varying tribal names but similar identity. She was the go-to-person for décor at home. She would switch it up with one thing in mind. To make visitors comfortable once they walked through the doors. To make them welcomed and wish to stay longer. With such a big family you can expect that there have been many visitors. To have the mind set of making these people all feel welcomed betrays a certain quality. The quality of universal admiration, without looking common. And that is what you will get picking her as your designer. A style that stands you out as unique and a marvel, but still commands admiration from all who fix their eyes on you. For they will indeed fix their eyes on you. Are you looking to stand out and yet not look ridiculous? Are you looking for a designer who understands your need to be different? Are you looking for a warm place to go and be heard and finally have someone understand your peculiar tastes and preferences? Then Afra K Fashion School offers you Sh3.

This brand name is a play on the twi word Sh3. Which at first instance translates as “wear”. But a careful and deeper thought reveals that it’s the same word used in saying ‘giving honour/glory’. The dresses and accessories made are designed to bring glory and honour to the patrons while remembering to honour those who made it possible for the designer to have come thus far. All the greats of the artistry world were non-conformist who gave the world sometime that out lived their own designs and art. We expect nothing less of Sh3.