How To Apply


Applicants for entry into the program must have completed JHS/SHS and/or be a mature student who meets the following requirement:

  • Must be 18years and above.
  • Must have successfully graduated at least JHS or SHS (NO GRADES REQUIRED)
  • Must be able to communicate in the English Language

Please note the following:

  • Candidates who are 18 years and below will only be accepted upon an official consent letter from guardians.
  • All JHS applicants will undergo an interview as part of the admission process (unless the candidate has at least 3 years working experience in any field).
  • SHS applicants will only undergo an interview where they apply for the 6 months regular session or the weekend session.
  • Candidates with a higher level of qualification will not be interviewed, unless the institution has reason to.
  • The above does not apply to candidates who fall under the special one–on-one training program.


  1. An applicant offered admission is required to begin studies within the particular academic year to which he/she has been admitted.
  2. An applicant offered admission can commence their study at the beginning of the next academic year upon re-applying for admission.
  3. Admission Offences:
  • Producing a falsified or fraudulent academic record (transcripts, certificates, examination results, etc.) or aiding another individual to produce such materials for the purpose of gaining admission to Afra K Fashion School.
  • Misrepresenting or assisting another individual to misrepresent his or her academic status or eligibility for admission.
  1. A student who is found to have committed any of the above offenses shall be expelled from Afra K Fashion School and any appropriate legal action may be taken.