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Smile because breathe in you means another chance to try. Another chance to succeed. Another chance to triumph. This coming from a lady who has had to work to be able to see herself through Afra K Fashion School. She is a waitress at Enda, at the food court of the Accra Mall. She may be a waitress now but our gut feeling tells us that the same determination that has seen her come from being too scared to ask for permission to attend school for three years, to actually getting into the school, will see her through. She is now pursuing her heart’s desire and dream and feels its now an obligation for her to transfer her constant smile to others through clothes. She can and believes she must get her clients and patrons to smile.

From La Presby Secondary school to the Halls Afra K fashion school. The journey hasn’t been easy. But she has remained determined and focused. She smiles easily. Maybe that is her coping mechanism for all that is going on in her life. Maybe that is how she is able to stay sane while closing from school at 3pm only to get back to work till end of the day at the food court. It cannot possibly be easy to pull this off. But she is doing it with a smile. She is refusing to be bogged down anymore. She is rising. Like a phoenix from the ash of her torments and pain. Emerging from the strings of attempts looking to hold her back. She must spring free and soar, to bring you a smile in every cloth she makes. So every design is based on happy thoughts.

If you are looking for a dress that tells others exactly how happy you are, then Smile is the one you should be looking to book an appointment with. Her years of experience at being a waitress means she knows how to handle clients and every annoying habit of theirs. So walk into her premises with all your flaws and quirks. Fear not, your will be in very good hands. Hands that understand that your clothes have been bought from the earnings of your toil. She will never take it for granted that she has set herself to get you to smile.

The next time you are at Enda, remember that lady waiting on your table may be the same one you will be chasing for those clothes that make you smile, in the very near future.

Smiles trademark lies in the feel-happy clothes for men and women she makes. Its all about being happy. Its all about being excited and having fun. If you are thinking of having fun, then the right clothes for that would be gotten from Smile.

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