How To Apply

Applicants for entry into the program must have completed SHS and/or be a mature student who has any of the following certifications:

  • SSSCE 

Kindly note, JHS graduates who are 18years and above, and can communicate effectively in the English language can apply.

All applicants will undergo an interview before admission.


  1. An applicant offered admission is required to begin studies within the particular academic year to which he/she has been admitted.
  2. An applicant offered admission can commence their study at the beginning of the next academic year. Otherwise, an applicant must re-apply for admission.
  3. Admission Offences:
  4. Producing a falsified or fraudulent academic record (transcripts, certificates, examination results, etc.) or aiding another individual to produce such materials for the purpose of gaining admission to Afra K Fashion School.
  5. Misrepresenting or assisting another individual to misrepresent his or her academic status or eligibility for admission.
  6. A student who is found to have committed any of the above offenses shall be expelled from Afra K Fashion School and any appropriate legal action may be taken.

For further assistance, call us on 0240187828 or 0507653685