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September Admissions

Due to the quality of training we offer a small class program and can only accept up to ten international students every half-year. There are no limits on our local students once you apply, meet and make all necessary commitments before our stipulated deadlines.

The mainstream program is one (1) year program and a six (6) months program which comprises of both our intensive training and a three (3) months compulsory internship with a reputable fashion house approved by the school.

All internship placements are made by the school. The current admission being run is for our September 2020 class. All sessions undergo the internship unless communicated otherwise by the Administrative Office.

The regular school (both one year and six months programs, is Monday to Friday 9 am to 3.00 pm and 9 am to 4 pm respectively and Weekend school is Saturdays Only 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Deadline for September applications is 30th September 2020 with classes commencing on 12th and 14th September 2020, for Regular School and Weekend School respectively.

There will be no late admissions for the September Admissions this year but applicants who register after the start of class will bear the full responsibility of being up to date with the aid of certain appointed Tutors. Kindly note that students who enroll in the late admissions still graduate with the Mainstream admitted Students.

In the year, you take five mandatory courses.

Our Courses:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Business Management
  2. Fashion Illustration
  3. Pattern Drafting
  4. Garment Construction
  5. Accessories & Embellishment

Applicants for entry into the program must have completed SHS and/or be a mature student who has any of the following certifications:

  • SSSCE 

Kindly note, JHS graduates who are 18years and above, and can communicate effectively in the English language can apply.


Given you can communicate well in the English language; both written and spoken, and are 18years and above without any physical challenge you can certainly apply.

Pick up a form from the school Administration or Apply Online (at a fee; GHC 100 equivalent to $17.5). Online applicants can pay through our MOMO A/C: 0244479079 (AFRA K FASHION SCHOOL)

Submit Forms with two (2) passport-sized pictures and a copy of your national ID Card. Online Registers should scan and attach.

Upon Admission You will be scheduled for an online or face to face interview depending on your application process.

Fees: We understand present conditions hence we have reasonable available flexible payment schedules (Please Contact School for information).

Our School fees covers the Tuition Fees, Compulsory training materials needed, Using of school Sewing Machine, Registration fees, T-shirt (uniform-only Mondays & Saturdays), Departmental Fee, SRC Dues, Maintenance Fee and a free starter pack.


Domestic Students ONLY – Main Stream:

The fees for Regular (Morning) School training is GHC 5000 equivalent to $862 for both one (1) year program and six months program.

Regular School : A payment of 70% is required before classes begins which is equivalent to GHC 3500 (Domestic Students) / $665 (International Students). The outstanding fee is spread within THREE EQUAL MONTHLY INSTALMENTS.

The Fees for the Weekend School training is GHC 4200 equivalent to $725 for six (6) months.

Weekend School : A payment of 80% is required before classes begins which is equivalent to GHC 3200 (Domestic Students) / $650 (International Students).  The outstanding fee is spread within THREE EQUAL MONTHLY INSTALMENTS.

Any breach in payment comes with a penalty charge of 10% of outstanding fees.

International Students ONLY – Main Stream:

The fees for Regular (Morning) School training is GHC 5500 equivalent to $950 for both one (1) year program and six (6) months program.

The Fees for the Weekend School training is GHC 4700 equivalent to $810 for nine (9) months.


Applies to both Domestic and International Students

All special classes are tailored to suit the availability of the applicant along the schedule of the school.

All special training schedules have a class limit of five (5) students and duration is shorter. This schedule is usually offered as a ‘one on one’ special class for candidates who need special training and timing from the main stream training calendar.

All courses are treated in the special class and learners graduate within the schedules graduation period for the Regular stream students.

NOTE: Candidates who wish to take the special class but do not necessarily need all the courses treated can seek pricing from the school admission office.


Bridal Mastery: three (3) months training – GHC 3500 equivalent to $605 (Applicants interested in this course must have at least an intermediate sewing ability)

Digital Illustration: three (3) months training – GHC 3500 equivalent to $605.

Kids Fashion: – one (1) month (During the long Vacation) – GHC 500 (ages of 12 to 15 years) equivalent to $86.

Polish Your Seam stressing: – two (2) months – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday – GHC 2000 (Candidate must have a seam stressing skill before applying) equivalent to $350.

Hair & Make Up: Two (2) weeks – Lace Connoisseur – GHC 1000 equivalent to $175, Two (2) Months – Basic to PRO – GHC 2000 equivalent to $345, and Three (3) Months Beginner to PRO – GHC 2800 equivalent to $485.


Applies to both Domestic and International Students

There will be a COMPULSORY mid-year class project dabbed “Yaba” which you are to pay GHC 500 equivalent to $86 (This fee is subject to amendment). This Class Project applies to all sessions of class regardless of the duration unless communicated otherwise by the administration.

Graduation fees is GHC1000 equivalent to $172 which must be completed before the eighth month of school (This fee is subject to amendment).

Additionally, you can find other relevant information on the Afra k Fashion School website here: (They are from last year but are about the same).

Students Accommodation

Both Domestic and International Students

Standard accommodation prices within the proximity of the school Campus is between GHC 250 400 per month ($53-$88 per month) and GHC 3000 – GHC 4800 per year ($520 – $830 per year) based on a one person accommodation.

Students are encouraged to share accommodation to ease the financial burden per individual. This practice has been successful with no complaints so far. (International students are usually paired)


Unfortunately, we have no funding available for international students.  However, if you check with the Afra k International Student Services Office/ Students Affairs, a representative may be able to advise you more appropriately on student living concerns/issues than me for I am an academic advisor.  The contact is +233240187828. (This applies to only our international students.)

Scholarships Grants are available to ONLY domestic students at the moment. (Please Contact the Admission Office).

We look forward to receiving your application for consideration for the September, 2020 Admissions.


Note that all stated above are applicable to the 2020 Admissions and are subject to change in the next academic year 2021.

All rates used are subject to change and the applicable exchange rate will be as per the date payment is issued ONLY.

You may visit the website for any changes made towards 2021 Admissions.