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Aisle Walk – Lydia

Her journey of fashion may be recent but her joy for brides on their special day has long been around. From when in senior high school she would make every effort not to miss a wedding purely for the joy of watching another bride walk down the aisle. Its not strange then that her brand name would be ‘Aisle walk’. Talking to her for just a few minutes reveals her to be someone who cares about the opinion of others and their sensitivity. This character trait will certainly come in handy when she begins to deal with brides. Brides panic and seek perfection for their day. She is glad to serve and lives for that moment when the face of the bride is lit up like a clear night sky full of stars. If you are a bride and you cleverly choose to have Aisle walk to handle your costume for your special day, then you would have engaged more than a fashion designer. You would have engaged a listening ear, a compassionate heart and skilled hands to craft for you to the exact stitch what would gladden your heart.

Having spent her life as a daughter of a pastor, we are certain she has seen and been to her fair share of weddings. She must have interacted with happy and disappointed brides. She should have a very good knowledge of what brides generally expect. Enough to know each bride is different and requires unique attention, just as she is.

She spent four years studying IT, gaining a Bsc, just in order to ensure she could manage her own IT affairs. She always had a plan for her true passion, fashion. We can only imagine where she would take fashion for bridal parties with her IT background. We suspect she is keeping a secret. Playing it close to her chest. Waiting patiently, as her nature is, to explode on us. Showering us with new nuggets and inventions, employing IT in expanding the borders of the fashion for brides market. Aisle Walk, take us away.

Her work doesn’t just cover the bride, though it extends to the entire bridal party, parents of the bride, ushers and protocol staff. Why not get all these from one source to cut down cost and better the chances of uniformity.

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