sun albee

Sun Albee – Kabuki

Sun Albee by Kabuki is a steady calm stream of assured potential stirred by a mother with a great sense of fashion. Growing up in a family with separated parents, Kabuki lives with her mother, Uncle, and three siblings in Tema community two. This young burgeoning talent who is described by her own mates as the one with the most potential, finds her inspiration from the sun. No wonder her own internal brightness is seen clearly by her mates. She channels this highest and brightest of inspiration into her designs and illustration which she self declares to enjoy and be good at. Her style oozes originality which is exemplified in the second part of her name, Albee, which she self-constructed. She isn’t looking to get into fashion for just her own sake but also to create jobs for others. Like the sun, she hopes to shine brightly across the firmaments of the Ghanaian fashion world.

To make this dream a reality, she has endured the long and difficult task of daily commute from Tema to East Legon for months. Having realised the intense nature of studies at Afra K Fashion Design, she has moved to live with a cousin in Madina. All in a bid to give it her all as she has got to go after her dream. And she is giving it all. The strain on her face daily, the blood shot eyes, the drain arched in the corners of her lips and stress etched on her finger tips, are all evidence of her continued sacrifice for what she hopes to achieve and the sheer determination propelling her.

Its been said that good things come in small packages, but though her physique may be small, her total package is very impressive in its enormousness. Far from the being the finished article, she is currently relying heavily on her lecturers for continued guidance with establishing her brand. She has already began to alert the world of her impending takeover of the fashion landscape by announcing her coming of age. She asking social media and would be clients to watch the space she has started to create on social media using the tagline of ‘Sun Albee: hustle beautifully’. She clearly has enjoyed the choice of fashion school and the skill set she has learnt in her time with Afra K fashion School. The sun of this badge of students is to be Kabuki, so we shall have our eyes follow her journey from these here East legon classrooms to where ever she chooses to establish her beautiful hustle.

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